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Cyber Security


Cyber Security

vulnerabilities, threats, and events within the federal government and private sector. Our solution’s sets include predictive, proactive, strategic tools and methodologies to improve situational awareness and incident response for our customers. We enable our clients to act quickly to identify, address, and mitigate cyber threats. We also support development of enterprise resilience to ensure that operations continue during and after a cyber crisis.

We are in the business of helping clients find the best way forward in the way technology is used to protect both people and assets, while maximizing their capabilities. We combine strategic relationships with major communications, network, and application software providers with our deep expertise in a broad variety of technology fields to deliver integrated, proven solutions to meet the most difficult security challenges.

Creative Solutions provides a wide range of Web Services offerings such as

Penetration Testing – Inavantage Solutions can evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure to find and exploit any vulnerabilities such as service and application flaws, improper configurations, or risky end-user behavior.

Security Awareness and Training - Inavantage Solutions can help you create a culture of awareness to keep your workplace security-conscious. That means employees will understand that data is a valuable asset; that policies and procedures for working with information technology are ingrained in the workforce; that employees know who to contact should they discover a security threat.

Vulnerability Management – Even if your system passes testing, it requires continuous assessment and remediation to keep it secure. Inavantage Solutions understands and can deliver on the processes that are critical to vulnerability management – Discovery, Reporting, Prioritization and Response.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation – Inavantage Solutions can show you how to both measure and monitor your organization’s strategic, financial, operational, compliance, and knowledge management risks. We’ll help design a mitigation strategy that includes incident response policies and procedures and contingency plans for all levels.

Information Assurance and Security – Inavantage Solutions knows how to protect your digital and non-digital information assets, including hard-copy records. We offer you tools to give you confidence that your information systems will perform as needed, when needed, and only for authorized users. We include the protection of digital and non-digital information assets, such as hard copy records.