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Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence

By leveraging development tools such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural networks, we help companies build AI solutions and data driven products in The set period. Hire machine-learning developers/experts on an hourly or full time Basis and save up to 60% of your development cost.

With great emphasis on technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and IBM Watson, we have been delivering state-of-the-art enterprise IT solutions such as

  • Recommendation systems
  • AI – Powered chat bots
  • AI Based user Behaviour Analysis
  • AI Process Automation
  • Advanced Business Analytics
  • Artificial Neural Networks

In-store Sales Rep Efficiency Tracking System using the representative's analysis through Machine and Deep Learning. Customer Satisfaction Reporting systems for live customer calls using IBM Watson. Advertisement Efficiency Analysis for online as well as offline campaigns using technologies like Machine and Deep Learning

Possibilities With Artificial Intelligence

Cybersecurity: Inavantage Solutionsis addressing the issue of cybersecurity by harnessing the natural language processing capabilities of IBM Watson, an excellent AI platform . West InfotechTech provides noteworthy enterprise solutions by taking advantage of the unique capabilities of IBM Watson to filter relevant insights from unstructured data. These insights can be applied by enterprises to analyze and prevent potential security threats well in advance.

Customer Service: West InfotechTech is helping enterprises to improve their customer support services through implementation of chatbots. We strive towards automating customer support using chatbots without the inclusion of a third-party platform by using open-source technologies.